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tami [userpic]

Does anyone even read this?

May 9th, 2007 (09:22 am)

I don't even know why I signed into livejournal to begin with. But then the shower wound up not being free, which sucks, and so I decided to post. I knew I shouldn't have sat down at the computer, now I have to wait til whenever Joey gets out of the shower to get in there. He better not be in there long, I gotta go to work. I'll be nice since it's his birthday.

Ah, so what's new? I believe the last time I posted I said I was moving to Florida. Well, here I am indeed. In fucking Florida. I hate Florida, but what can ya do? It's better this way, I suppose. Justin and I are saving, slowly, to move home and I can't wait. I know it won't happen til maybe this time next year, but at least it'll happen. Mental goal: BE HOME BY THE TIME I TURN 23.

That last sentence was gross. 23? What the fuck? I can't believe I turn 22 in five days. I can't believe I get to go home in a couple days actually! Mom doesn't know, which is amazing. I can't believe we have all kept a secret from her. I am stoked to just walk in and surprise her with flowers. I HATE FLYING.

I work in the most boring bank known to man. We have like no customers. It's dead, even on Friday's, which is apparently the busiest day in banking? Not over where I work!! I've read so many books these past few weeks. I feel like my old self again when I read a book in no time at all. I wish I could be read more but I started doing this cross stitch when I found out my sister was pregnant. Well, she was a month early and I'm not finished. I should finish it up tonight hopefully. I tried real hard for last night but those little holes on a grid give you a damn headache when you stare at them for almost 5 hours.

Justin and I are great!! He got me a promise ring for our one year anniversary. Who said a promise ring is supposed to be a diamond? Hm, well they were wrong. I got an emerald in white gold, because I hate yellow gold. And ahh! I love it! It's perfect. I can't wait til an actual engagement ring.. ahh I can, but I can't. The whole idea of it is fabulous. He got me a ring and I got him TOOL tickets, somehow I don't see it balancing out, but I'm buying him a laptop for his birthday, so there you go.

Showers free! Have only 45 minutes to get ready.. that sounds like so much time, but now that I'm in the "professional business world" I have to blow dry my damn hair.

tami [userpic]

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July 2nd, 2004 (02:52 am)

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